Pre-built binaries are available for 64-bit Windows, OS X, or Linux.

Target Version Download
Windows x64 1.3 Download
OS X 1.3 Download
Linux 1.3 Download


The ScanImageTiffReader is a command line interface and C library that reads data from Tiff and BigTiff files recorded using ScanImage. It was written with performance in mind and provides access to ScanImage-specific metadata. This library should actually work with most tiff files, but as of now we don’t support compressed or tiled data.

Cross-platform language bindings are available for Python (2.7.14 and 3.6), Matlab (2016b+), or Julia (1.0). Those are available from their respective package managers. See the links for more information.

Both ScanImage and this reader are products of Vidrio Technologies. If you have questions or need support feel free to email.


Each example shows how to extract raw image data from the file.

Command Line Interface

ScanImageTiffReader image data my.tif > my.raw

C Library

#include <tiff.reader.api.h>
const size_t bytes_per_pixel[]={1,2,4,8,1,2,4,8,4,8};
ScanImageTiffReader reader=ScanImageTiffReader_Open("my.tif");
struct nd shape=ScanImageTiffReader_GetShape(reader);
size_t nbytes=bytes_per_pixel[shape->type]*shape.strides[shape.ndim];
void *data=malloc(nbytes);